BritCult History

BritCult History

1971: Representatives of mid-level faculty demand the renewal of Landeskunde

1976: the CCCS presents itself on the pages of Ästhetik & Kommunikation

1976/1977: Gulliver 1 & 2 introduce Williams, Hall and the CCCS to Anglistik

1977: Informationen zur zweiten Kultur in Großbritannien

1978: Hard Times publishes Stuart Hall’s talk he gave in West-Berlin

1979: Englisch Amerikanische Studien publishes Stuart Hall’s talk he gave in Osnabrück

1979/1982/1983: German translations of classic CCCS publications appeal to readers beyond Anglistik

1980: The Bielefelder Oberstufenkolleg publishes Jürgen Kramer’s A Materialist Introduction to the Social History of Britain

1980/1983: The German New Left discusses the British New Left

1980/1984: Buttjes, Lehberger, Lange, Husemann and others try to introduce a reformed Landeskunde and/or Cultural Studies into schools

1982: Davids and Stinshoff publish Rise Like Lions

1983/1984: Gulliver issues 13 & 15

1988: Critical Theory Seminar with a focus on Cultural Studies

1989: AnGeRo: philologies fight for their right to exist

1989: Cultural Studies goes Anglistentag

1990: Invitation and reader for CULTURAL STUDIES in den Englischunterricht

1990/2001: Annual British and Cultural Studies Conferences, 1990-2001

1991/1992: Cultural Studies Newsletter 1 & 2

1992: First issue of British Studies Now, explaining the British Council’s take on Cultural Studies

1992: The Role of English in Germany and Europe post 1992

1993: The British Council advocates for British Studies in place of Cultural Studies

1993: Big news from Germany!

1994: British Studies Now shows Jürgen Kramer and Christopher Harvie visit the Third Warwick British Cultural Studies Seminar, August 1993

1994: Advertisement for the Journal for the Study of British Cultures in British Studies Now

1995: SPEX, a German popular music magazine, introduces Cultural Studies as an alternative to the Kulturindustriethese

1995: Richard Stinshoff interviewed in British Studies Now

1995: Advertisement for the Journal for the Study of British Cultures in The British Council’s British Studies Now Anthology

1995/1996: Cultural Studies conferences advertised in British Studies Now

1997: SPEX gives an update on Cultural Studies 

1997: Cultural Studies in the Neue Länder: the case of Dresden

1997/1999: Cultural Studies arrives in German academia

2001: Why we need a German Association for the Study of British Cultures

2001: Draft of the statutes of the German Association for the Study of British Cultures

2001: Minutes for the inaugural meeting of members of the German Association for the Study of British Cultures

2021: List of Cultural Studies Introductory Courses at English Departments of German Universities