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How Cultural Studies Came to Germany: Historical Documents

The texts, tables and images presented here accompany the publication of the 2021/1 issue of the Journal for the Study of British Cultures: “Histories and Trajectories: British Cultural Studies in Germany”. The documents were selected by the author of the essay “How Cultural Studies Came to Germany” either because they are difficult to find, or simply for their visual poignancy.

If you have any issues with (or questions about) the documents, please contact the web admin by email. All images can be enlarged by clicking on them, and longer documents are provided as PDFs.

1971: Representatives of mid-level faculty demand the renewal of Landeskunde

1976: the CCCS presents itself on the pages of Ästhetik & Kommunikation

1976/1977: Gulliver 1 & 2 introduce Williams, Hall and the CCCS to Anglistik

1977: Informationen zur zweiten Kultur in Großbritannien

1978: Hard Times publishes Stuart Hall’s talk he gave in West-Berlin

1979: Englisch Amerikanische Studien publishes Stuart Hall’s talk he gave in Osnabrück

1979/1982/1983: German translations of classic CCCS publications appeal to readers beyond Anglistik

1980: The Bielefelder Oberstufenkolleg publishes Jürgen Kramer’s A Materialist Introduction to the Social History of Britain

1980/1983: The German New Left discusses the British New Left

1980/1984: Buttjes, Lehberger, Lange, Husemann and others try to introduce a reformed Landeskunde and/or Cultural Studies into schools

1982: Davids and Stinshoff publish Rise Like Lions

1983/1984: Gulliver issues 13 & 15

1988: Critical Theory Seminar with a focus on Cultural Studies

1989: AnGeRo: philologies fight for their right to exist

1989: Cultural Studies goes Anglistentag

1990: Invitation and reader for CULTURAL STUDIES in den Englischunterricht

1990/2001: Annual British and Cultural Studies Conferences, 1990-2001

1991/1992: Cultural Studies Newsletter 1 & 2

1992: First issue of British Studies Now, explaining the British Council’s take on Cultural Studies

1992: The Role of English in Germany and Europe post 1992

1993: The British Council advocates for British Studies in place of Cultural Studies

1993: Big news from Germany!

1994: British Studies Now shows Jürgen Kramer and Christopher Harvie visit the Third Warwick British Cultural Studies Seminar, August 1993

1994: Advertisement for the Journal for the Study of British Cultures in British Studies Now

1995: SPEX, a German popular music magazine, introduces Cultural Studies as an alternative to the Kulturindustriethese

1995: Richard Stinshoff interviewed in British Studies Now

1995: Advertisement for the Journal for the Study of British Cultures in The British Council’s British Studies Now Anthology

1995/1996: Cultural Studies conferences advertised in British Studies Now

1997: SPEX gives an update on Cultural Studies 

1997: Cultural Studies in the Neue Länder: the case of Dresden

1997/1999: Cultural Studies arrives in German academia

2001: Why we need a German Association for the Study of British Cultures

2001: Draft of the statutes of the German Association for the Study of British Cultures

2001: Minutes for the inaugural meeting of members of the German Association for the Study of British Cultures

2021: List of Cultural Studies Introductory Courses at English Departments of German Universities