In-Between Islands: Intra-Relations between Britain and Ireland

Annual Conference of the German Association for the Study of British Cultures

23–25 November 2023
Kiel University

Cover Photo: Shawn Harquail · CC BY-NC 2.0 ·

Call for Papers

Irish history and culture have long been influenced by the presence of British settlers, landowners and rulers. Considered by some as Britain’s oldest colony, the exploitation of Irish labour and Irish land, the introduction of English language and English law, but also the creation of a joined market for arts and literature have transformed life on the island of Ireland. However, Irish people and Irish culture also shaped Britain in major ways: Irish monks Christianized their neighbouring island, Irish workers were central to the building of canals, docks and railways, Irish nurses staffed the NHS, and without Irish immigration there would have been no Beatles and no Kate Bush – and Chloe Kelly wouldn’t have scored that goal against Germany in EURO 2022. In recent years, Brexit and the ongoing disputes about its implementation have highlighted once again how intricately connected…

Conference Programme

All schedules use Central European Time (CET, GMT+1).

Thursday, 23 NovSession
1–3 pmBoard meeting
3:30–4:30 pmPostgrad Forum
Paper 1 & 2
4:30–5 pmCoffee Break
5–6 pmPostgrad Forum
Paper 3 & 4
6:15–7:15 pmKeynote 1
Jennifer Redmond: Filling the Gap: the Irish in Britain in the Twentieth Century
from 7:30 pmConference Warming
Friday, 24 NovSession
10–11 amPanel 1: Struggles in Education
Jessica Bundschuh and Selina Scholz (Stuttgart): Displacing the Irish?:
The A-Levels as a Window into the (Post-Brexit) British Psyche
Frauke Hoffmeister (Leipzig): No Green in the Curriculum –
The Absence of the Irish in Recent History Curricula and Textbooks in England, Scotland and Wales
11–11:30 amCoffee break
11:30–12:30 pmPanel 2: Literary Markets
Dilâra Yilmaz (Kiel): No Britain, no Bestsellers? The Market Dominance of British Publishers
and the BBC over Contemporary Irish Novels (and their TV Adaptations)
Melissa Sarikaya (Erlangen): Of Angels and Maidens: May Probyn’s Success in the Irish Press
12:30–2:30 pmLunch break and JSBC editorial meeting
2:30–3:30Panel 3: Celts across the Sea
Rita Singer (Aberystwyth): Take the Boat: Cultural Connections across the Irish Sea
Adam Coward (Independent): Estates across the Irish Sea: Negotiating Hiberno-Welsh Identities,
the Marquesses of Londonderry and the Earls of Dunraven
3:30–4:30 pmPanel 4: the Irish question
Michelle Witen (Flensburg): The Irish Vampire: Dracula and Punch
Franes Neilson (Belfast): [Northern Ireland] was just never seen as a top-tier issue:
Contextualising the Conservative ‘Blind Spot’ to Northern Ireland prior to the 2016 Brexit Referendum
4:30–5 pmCoffee break
5–6 pmKey Note 2:
Patrick Elevin: A Detail Where You’re Born
6–7:30 pmMitgliederversammlung
from 8 pmConference Dinner
Saturday, 25 NovSession
10–11 amPanel 5: Screen Irish
Sarah Heinz (Vienna): Bride and Prejudice: Representing Irish Traveller Communities in Britain in Channel 4’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
Melissa Schuh (Kiel): Seriality, Adaptation, and Representation: Sally Rooney’s Normal People
11–11:30 amCoffee break and BritCult Arbeitskreis Meeting
11:30–12:30 amPanel 6: Irishness
Göran Wolf (Göttingen): Football in-between Islands
Dennis Henneböhl (Erlangen): Metaphorizing Irish and British Intra-Relations in Audrey Magee’s The Colony
12:30 amConcluding remarks and conference closing


Jennifer Redmond


Jessica Bundschuh and Selina Scholz


Frauke Hoffmeister


Dilâra Yilmaz


Melissa Sarikaya


Rita Singer


Adam Coward


Michelle Witen


Franes Neilson


Patrick Elevin


Sarah Heinz


Melissa Schuh


Göran Wolf


Dennis Henneböhl


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