Edited by S. Gruß, I. Habermann, L. Krämer, G.Sedlmayr and C.-U. Viol

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Current Issue (Vol. 28, 1/2021) 

Histories and Trajectories: British Cultural Studies in Germany


  • Gerold Sedlmayr, 'Editorial. The State of (British) Cultural Studies in Germany Today'
  • Christian Huck, 'How Cultural Studies Came to Germany, or, Rather, The Events and Circumstances that Led to the Foundation of the German Association for the Study of British Cultures'
  • Kylie Crane, 'Positioning Cultural Studies. A Response'
  • Gabriele Linke, 'British Cultural Studies in Germany. Is There an East German Trajectory?'
  • Susanne Mühleisen, 'Linguistics and Cultural Studies. A Story of Division and Common Ground'
  • Monika Seidl, 'Vienna Calling. Cultural Studies in Austria'
  • Sebastian Berg, 'Beyond Birmingham. Four Comments on “How Cultural Studies Came to Germany”'
  • Jonatan Jalle Steller, 'Forging New Paths. Future-Proofing British Cultural Studies in Germany'

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