Edited by S. Gruß, I. Habermann, L. Krämer, G.Sedlmayr and C.-U. Viol

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Current Issue (Vol. 28, 2/2021) 

Fear and Anxiety in Contemporary British Culture


  • Stefani Brusberg-Kiermeier, Lisa Kalkowski, and James McKenzie, 'Fear and Anxiety in Contemporary British Cultures: An Introduction'
  • Cyprian Piskurek, 'Fear and Building in the United Kingdom'
  • Maria Verena Peters, 'Fear of the Future: The Hideous Progeny of Neoliberalism'
  • Christiane Hansen, 'Affective Disorientation: Fear, Anxiety, and Indifference in Sarah Hall’s Short Fiction'
  • Michael C. Frank, '“The Insecurity State”: Anti-Terrorism Legislation and the Politics of Fear in Kamila Shamsie’s Home Fire'
  • Rebekka Rohleder, 'Destabilising Boundaries: Terrorism and the Politics of Urban Fear in Simon Stephens’s Pornography (2007)'
  • Kai Wiegandt, 'Imagination of Disaster in the British Arts before the Grenfell Tower Fire: the Case of Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise (2015)'

  • Ina Habermann, ed. (2020), The Road to Brexit: A Cultural Perspective on British Attitudes to Europe
  • Christina Jordan & Imke Polland, eds. (2020), Realms of Royalty: New Directions in Researching Contemporary European Monarchies
  • Wieland Schwanebeck (2020), Literary Twinship from Shakespeare to the Age of Cloning
  • Annette Kern-Stähler & Nicole Nyffenegger, eds. (2019), Secrecy and Surveillance in Medieval and Early Modern England

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